As a violinist and teacher, I strongly believe in the powerful and positive influence that music has on people’s lives, hoping to help students discover this influence and ultimately develop a lifelong interest and appreciation of music. Studying music is one of the issues that I have been very interested in throughout my life; In a way that has given me so much joy and enriched my life so far that nothing else could. One of my main goals is to transfer this experience to others and help them discover the world of music.
I believe that every student has some level of musical talent. My goal is to help them find the key that will allow them to find their talent and reach their full potential as musicians. I aspire to create a kind learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves.
Throughout my career as a violinist and teacher, I have been influenced by many excellent teachers. I have learned important lessons from each of them; Lessons not only about music, but also about life. If I can inspire my students as I have in the past, I know that learning music can be fun and very rewarding. The quality of the teacher-student relationship is very important and directly affects student learning. I treat each of my students with respect and expect that same respect to be reciprocated in order to establish a healthy relationship focused on learning.
I do not follow a specific teaching method. Through years of experience and study of pedagogy at the university level, I have learned that every student learns in a unique way. Therefore, I employ a combination of different teaching styles and schools to create a unique and dynamic style that focuses on the specific needs of each student. I enjoy challenging myself to discover the uniqueness of each student and tailor their lessons to best suit them. With proper guidance, every student is able to reach the peak of his ability in music.