Surely it is meaningless if we say that the age item is entirely not effective in the music learning process.

(Simultaneously watch this video link???

OVER 60 YEARS age difference between two violin learners in ABED ROUDBARI s violin class)

Here is a weird concept .primarily allow me to chanalize this section to two head branches

PROFESSIONAL(serious) &  AMATEUR(for fun) 


Amateur learner

The age item is a marginal or in some cases ineffective for one who is learning violin as a fun activity !

Due to this fact that the key factor relating to this issue ,perseverance , is less related to the age while that is more related to awareness and wisdom .

And the bizarre fact is , aged learner are more aware about themselvese and naturally more seriuos in the learning process.

Accordingly ,those ones who are interested in learning violin for fun, can enjoy learning  and playing violin regardless of their age .


However , for those serious learners focusing to the high levels in the music art ,the story has another side.

As achieving this goal is in need of a high level process and so systematic methods ,accordingly The time and age factor for this group is more important from two poin of view.

Firstly , needing years to approaching high level in art music.(despite of the fact that ,it is not issue for many)

Secondly ,some peesonal characteristics are apparently  more eminent in the lower ages ,for instance : mental abilities or brain cleanliness.

However ,in the higher ages ,on the other hand ,there are other key factors that eclipse and overshadow on those mental factors that make the aged learners even more successful!

By the whole ,in my opinion ,as is explained above in the process of learning violin , the age item is or irrespective or so low effective that could be denyed.



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